Those who are familiar with a workplace know well: with the boss, colleagues, daily tasks, it is sometimes difficult to cope and the hours spent together can be exhaustiing on the road to common goals. In most companies, it is no longer a question that leaders of the company will provide opportinites to ease tensions, to break away from the daily routine, and last but not least to build up the team from co-workers. The Budapest Bike Maffia team building program offers you the opportunity to help people in need while getting to know our work and have fun together. If you would like to have an exciting experience, where you can become a more cooperative community, come to us! Our program has the unique ingredient of participating in a socially responsible project, with one of the most inspiring civil communities in Hungary. In the framework of corporate volunteering (team building program), we involve the participants in voluntary social work through city biking. We offer two different programs: Vitamin Commando and Community Cooking.

Come to Budapest Bike Maffia’s teambuilding training and have a lifetime experience with us! Doing something positively usefull has a tremendous community-buliding power!


Szabolcs Datki

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