Our Sweet Home project got close to its target in June of 2017!

Magdi lives with her two daughters in a municipal social apartment. When they moved in last year, the flat was not in a livable state, that time with narrow circumstances the family could only afford smaller reparations and painting.

Doors and windows were not insulated, the heating did not work, there was not proper lighting, the stove and the washing machine broke down, there was not a usable sink and desk in the kitchen. The boiler also needed reparation and the taps were dripping.

With the help of Bike Maffia more than 1.300.000 Ft will be spent to make the 38 square meter apartment new and more sustainable, with a nicer and more livable environment for the family.

By July – with the cooperation of professionals and volunteers – the windows are changed, the front door is insulated, the kitchen is refurbished, the household appliances are replaced together with the inside of the boiler and the convector and the taps are also new. The boiler is switched to night power, the old wires and unsafe switches and sockets are replaced. Lamps are installed in the room.

To store the household machines, building material and the furniture we needed a storage, which was prepared by three tenants of the shelter of Táblás street with keen cooperation of our volunteers.