„Sweet home” is one of the latest creative social projects of Budapest Bike Maffia. We help needy families in this program: we are refurbishing and economizing rental flats of the local government with experts and volunteers. We can provide homes to families who are partly or totally unable to reach this goal alone, without our help.

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First step: Create the financial basis

Similarly to the previous fund raising activity of the Bike Maffia, Bike N Nite, we organize programs which attract mass of young people. We link cultural and party life with volunteering in this program. We organize the night with DJ’s and artists who make the show free standing out for the case. The program has a fix entry fee and the extra profit is spent on the refurbishment of the flat.


Second step: Refurbish the flat

After agreeing with the local government and selecting the flat we look for the families in conjunction with the child care services of different districts. The final selection of the family is the decision of the Child Care Service and the leadership of Bike Maffia. After this decision the refurbishment starts under continuous consultation with families and the refurbishing experts.


Third step: Documentation

Three short films is prepared on each refurbishment. The first one is about the family and the original conditions of the flat. The second one is about all the financial contributors, the third one is about the refurbishing process and the final result.



  • Strengthen social sensitivity of young people
  • Improve living conditions of needy families
  • Help contribution between civil organizations
  • Teach / develop civil action capacity
  • Link different sectors through creative projects