Budapest Bike Mafia’s self-made bikes are called Strike Bike. We mostly work in urban areas, which is why we are building single-speed citiy bikes. Because we are the proponents of durability, so we only work with medium- to high-end, reliable components. Strike Bike aims to build well-designed and reliable bikes, while demonstrating the importance of social responsibility. Therefore, we offer 10,000 HUF for charity for every bicycle ordered and sold.

We have four different types: SB | Church – Pub – Kid Edition First, there is the “church” bringa, the second is the “pub”. These two will be available at a different price, male and female versions are comming soon! The third, “kid” version for children is to follow. SB | Charity Edition Donation, donation! Fourthly, we build / renew bicycles for people and families in need, with reliable but used parts. How many we are able to make / renew in one month – that depends on you. If you bring your used, but functional parts and offer them, we use them to create “charity strike bikes” to get those who can not afford to buy bikes but would greatly help them to have one in their daily lives. Attention! The Strike Bike Charity version is not commercially available. Bikes bulit or refurbished with donated parts are ALL donated! Since the Stike Bike bikes are individually assembled in our shop, pre-ordering is necessary for each model. Receiving the first models is possible from the mid-April, which will also be the opening date for the shop.