The purpose of the food saving project is to save any edible meal and other food in a way, that we distribute them to the needy, in the first place mostly to homeless shelters, but we are planning to find other potential places (e.g. mothers’ homes, temporary crisis homes for families, warming houses, etc.)

This activity is not only important on a national level, but in fact it serves global goals. In 2015 the United Nations launched their 17 global goals; to three of them we can give an answer. These are the following:

  1. End hunger
  2. Responsible consumption
  3. Climate action

During our activity we reduce hunger in Hungary, focus the attention to social responsibility, raise awareness and by the fact of reducing food waste, we directly contribute to the fight on climate change.

Process of the project, step by step:

At Bike Maffia we have been doing food saving for a long time, but we had to refuse food donations several times, because of lack of capacity. Thanks to a newly developing team, this activity will get going.

How does it work?

Incoming donation, phone/written coordination: This lands at the project leader or the “despatcher”.


    1. What type of food is it?

    Hot meal/soups, sandwiches, salty or sweet cookies, pastries, fruits, non-perishable food. Important to know that we do not take and distribute meal, which contains mayonnaise, mushroom or raw eggs, because of health risk issues.


    1. What is the location of the food, who is the donator?

    Team members get a notification with name, address, phone number in the closed Facebook group. Important information is the time, until we can pick up the food.


    1. How much is the food?

    It is important to know, that we do not launch a car or a cargo bike, if the donated quantity does not reach 50 portions of hot meal or pastries and sandwiches. In these cases we ask the donators to try to solve the delivery themselves and we also suggest possible places for delivery for them.


    1. Is there a food container available for delivery?

    Some of the donators do not have boxes and containers for further delivery. We raise their attention so that they try to provide these containers.

    1. Where does the food go?

    For the volunteer team members we prepared a list with addresses and phone numbers of the places, where the donations are received. Right now this list contains only homeless shelters and warming houses, but we are planning to extend the list (mothers’ homes, temporary crisis homes for families, etc.)


    1. After delivery

    We ask our members to take pictures of the reception and the delivery in every case. They upload these photos to the Facebook group. Furthermore we have a worksheet, where we monthly summarize the food delivered.