Are you ready for the mission?

Adopt a seed, nurture it then pass it along for those who need it most!

With this new project we focus on homeless shelters located on the outskirts of Budapest, where there is an opportunity for gardening.

Once we took the plants there, people living in the shelter will continue to grow them, so they will have access to fresh and healthy vegetables by the summer.

The goal of this project is to make sure shelters have the first important part: the plants themselves. We grow them from seeds, then they will be given up for adoption.

As voluntary parents, you will see that with some minimal effort, care and attention you can enjoy the fruit of your labor all summer long. Afterwards, to keep on growing the plants is up to the social workers and the people living in the shelter. For those living on the periphery of society, it is key to have goals, to set examples for them, to inspire them, so they can see that efforts indeed pay off.

Before and during the project, you will be given useful tips so you will be successful adoptive parents of the seeds.

So, tell us: are you ready for the #mission?