The MyBudapest 2018 calendar has arrived!

We are not buying a simply useful item, we also give hope by purchasing the calendar. Photos were made by artistic homeless people to show us the city from their point of view. We support the creators directly with the profit. We let them show their everyday life, talent and we help them to find their way back to society.

Budapest is our home. We have our favourite places: a bench on Margaret Island, the street we cycle every day, or the corner where we use to meet before going out. How those people see the city, who has their home on its streets?

Budapest Bike Maffia in cooperation with Cafe Art (London) proudly announce the recent initiative to raise awareness on social problems after the successful first year. We want to draw attention to the problem of homeless people with art. The challenge was simple: with the help of volunteers we bought 100 pieces Quicksnap disposable cameras with the help of FUJIFILM Magyarország Kft, and we ask homeless persons to take photos in Budapest, to show how they see the capital of Hungary. The participants will take photos of Budapest during one week. A professional jury will choose the best 50 from the photos. These photos will be exhibited and visitors can vote to their favourite ones. The top 12+1 favourite photos will be published in the MyBudapest 2018 Calendar accompanied with the creators stories. The winner creators get gratuity and we also supsidise them from the money we get from selling the calendars. The long term purpose of the initiative is to integrate marginalized people and help their social reintegration.


On the behalf of MyBudapest Photo Project I want to return thanks to:

GÁCSFALVI Erika & VARGA Árpád – Fujifilm Hungary Kft // ŐRY Júlia, MERC Hajnalka & NAGY Bálint – FUGA Építészeti Központ // SZILÁGYI Balázs – video & grafika// JÓNÁS Fanni – Well PR Kft // EMSZT Gabriella & KORPÁDY Katalin – Wordit // DANICS Izabella, VIDA Judith, OLGYAI Anna & ZAKAR Gergely –BMSZKI


Special thanks to our jury:

BARTHA Máté //BÖDEY János // CSOSZÓ Gabriella // HALÁSZ László //


Thank you for all of our volunteers! The MyBudapest Photo Project can not happen without the constant help of our volunteers during the events, with administration, photography, graphic design.