Bike Maffia has been an accredited EVS receiver organisation since 2016.
From March 2018, two foreign volunteers will assist with our work for 8 months, through the EVS program (European Voluntary Service.) Our project, „Intercultural biking for helping” was brought to life within the European Union program Erasmus+ . Our two volunteers, Ronja Bober and Ilona Lyytinen are from Germany and Finland, respectively.

They will participate in our projects, and with their own ideas and perspective they will surely improve our work at the Maffia.

Youngsters between 17-30 can join EVS (European Voluntary Service.) Between 2014 and 2020, EVS is part of the Erasmus+ program of the European Committee. This program funds thousands of EVS projects yearly, with the maximum length of 12 months.

This project is not only an adventure but also a trial of strength, filled with happy and eventful days, but it also offers surprises and challenges, to which you are expected to search for – and find – the solution.

Participating in EVS is a great way to learn languages, meet new cultures, become more self-reliant, and to build relationships internationally.