This project, launched in winter 2011, was one of the firsts of Budapest Bike Maffia. On these occasions we prepare 100-120 servings of square meal, with meat, package them and deliver them in groups on bike to the homeless living on the street. A proper meal includes dessert too, and naturally we add this element as well.

Community cooking and delivering food on bicycle starting June 2017, the project is sponsored by Tápiódoboz farmland, and since November 2017 the mineral water producer, Pannónia Kincse.

The cooking has always been a great opportunity to invite other NGO-s, so we can get a glimpse at each other’s work and goals. Since September 2017, we use these monthly cooking events for our volunteers’ meetings as well. In other words, we not only help the homeless living on the street but are useful in making our teams’ work more effective.

The community cooking and volunteer meeting is held on the second Saturday of each month at @FARM Gasztrobár.

If you are interested in cooking with us, or want to learn more about our work, do join!