BBM manages its work based on mainly volunteer work, so we always look for new faces to help us support our mission!

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact us either by filling out our volunteer application form or dropping an email at

We have many activities in which you can participate.

Our most important activities are the following:

  • fundraising (food and money) at the Szimpla Farmers’ Market and delivering the collected goods to families
  • occasional and regular deliveries for homeless people and families
  • communal cooking (and delivery to people in need)
  • occasional actions
  • supporting animal shelters (donating food and necessary products, helping the shelter’s work)
  • communication and awareness raising activities

Particular tasks:

  • volunteering at the market: fundraiser, flyer distributor
  • volunteering for our occasional and regular deliveries
  • helper at the cooking events
  • animator, program manager
  • photographer, cameraman
  • video, photo retoucher
  • content generator for the website, blog