The actions and projects of Budapest Bike Maffia come to live trough its volunteers’ enthusiastic, persistent work. If you wanted to become a member of the BBM volunteer group, you may join u sin more ways.

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Vitamin Commando

You find us each Monday and Friday from 18:00 at Bagázs Bazár (1137 Budapest, Szent István park 10.). Here we prepare sanwiches in the framework of the Vitamin Commando project, then we deliver them by bike to homeless people. You can participate in any part of the program. So if you just want to create sandwiches, you can, if you do not have a bicycle, but you wish to deliver, there is an option to do that as well. If you come, we kindly ask you to indicate this on the given Facebook event by clicking on the „I participate/join the event” button. And if you would like to deliver as well, please bring a backpack with you, in which the sandwiches fit.
Vitamin Commando Facebook page

Pacsi (Highfive)

We usually organize bike tours to animal shelters from spring to autumn. We time these to weekends as possible so as to give a chance to more people to participate. We ask the participants to bring anything to the animals living in the shelters, with which they can help them: pet food, medicines, antiflea etc. We help the shelter’s work with walking the dogs in the morning, and in the afternoon we have leisure activities, which can be eating scones, drinking ’fröccs’ and sunbathing, depending on the groups preferences and weather.
Pacsi Facebook page

Communal cooking and delivering food by bike

We typically organize the communal cooking in ruin pubs in Budapest. We come together in the place and time announced, and we cook warm food of donated ingredients. As the food is ready, we freshly pack it, and deliver to homeless people or families living within difficult conditions.
Budapest Bike Maffia Facebook page

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