Time: 01/03/2018, 18:00

Location: Károly krt. 10, Budapest

Vitamin Commando again on Thursday!

Join us in making sandwiches and delivering them to people living on the street along with some smiles and good words.

If you feel like contributing to the ingredients, vitamin Commando uses the following articles of food: cold cuts, vegetables for sandwiches and spreads (butter or margarine.) Some fruits or other snacks will also be put to good use!

Should you come by bike, it is useful to bring a bigger bag you can use for delivery.

You are more than welcome if you do not have a bicycle but want to assist in making sandwiches.

We also have a few bicycles you can borrow to help with delivery.

If you want to be up to date on Vitamin Commando’s news, like our Facebook page.

Preparing the sandwiches and packing them takes about 1.5 hours, then we head to town, riding!

Warning: we are developing a dangerously cool community!