Many of us visit restaurants in February on the day of Greedy Thursday. That day people have the opportunity to discover new places and tastes. The food is half priced so many can visit restaurants considered a luxury in their everyday life.
And there are those for whom it is not a given. Not only this day but the chance is high that never ever. Unless we do something…
Budapest Bike Maffia did something that has never been done before. More than 300 dishes-classic Sunday lunch-were served to the residents of Aszód street homeless shelter. Although it was not on Thursday but Sunday, it was not a lunch but dinner. But it does not change the bottom line. The point is the surprise!
The menu:
Meat soup, fried pork, mashed potatoes with nutmeg, homemade pickles and dessert.
Whay was this menu chosen? Because these are the foods that bring back the best memories of our childhood. Or if someone grew up in bad circumstances, maybe we could gave them those moments. Think of them!

Photos of the event >>