Do we judge others correctly? Is our first thought right? Is it good that we negatively critize those who are forced to live on the streets based on stereotypes?

Many would need enormous efforts, luck and a lot of help to live a worthy life again. Do you think about the fact that we live in a society where we see homeless people as street accessories, we step over or just pass them? We even judge them based on the thought that people are defined by what they have or achieved.

Rather the system we live in and the way of thinking we use is incorrect. That we see the problem but we do not help and we treat them as criminals…

The country is supposed to be about  cooperation  because our society is in crisis. We are angry, frustrated and ignorant. We tend to complain a lot and do not see the world around us. We are sheeples…

These problems led to the idea to raise awareness by organizing a group action.

The idea is very simple: everyone has  positive qualities, skills. Let’s show them and see the world with those in mind. During the implementation of the project we went to Batthyany Square where every passing people-regardless of  age, gender,status-had the opportunity to write one of their positive qualities on a blackboard which was then photographed.

Do you see the difference? Wouldn’t it be better to start with the positives when judging others? It all depends on us.

Photos of the event >>