Budapest Bike Maffia (BBM) is one of the most rapidly growing civil society organisations in Hungary, which was established by young bicycle riders at Christmas in 2011. The organisation consists of civilians, who are doing volunteer works in an innovative way to assist people in need. The basis of the programme is fund raising and the distribution of donations. The implementation is characterised by modernity, it is the combination of social work, volunteering, charity and cycling.

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Budapest Bike Maffia (BBM) is the most innovative civil society organisation in Hungary. Thanks to their modern mentality they operate twelve projects, focusing on helping the homeless and families in need. They started with a bicycle-riding group, but now their charity network consists of more than one hundred people. On a yearly basis, they distribute more than a hundred thousand portions of food to people in need.  In addition, thanks to their sensitization activities they can reach thousands of young and elderly people. The Bike Maffia is a new philosophy according to some people, but it is safe to say that at least they inject continuous innovation into acts of kindness and helping others.