The students haven’t forgotten about those in need in the past one and a half months. Week by week we keep on receiving donations through our Plus 1 Sandwich project. That’s how we managed to collect 9365 sandwiches, 241 kgs of fruit and 225 kgs of durable goods and promptly got them delivered to various shelters by our courrier.

Apart from food the children also thought about the cold weather,  so a box of donated warm hats, scarves and gloves also found their new owners.

This time 30 pieces of handmade soap also went into the packages, thanks to Kati, who had gifted the inhabitants of the shelters several times already in the past few years. Kati is a kidergarten teacher and she got to know the Bike Maffia through the high school of her youngest child, which is participating in Plus 1 Sandwich. Kati’s hobby is making soap, therefore she wanted to support the homeless people with her ware apart from the sandwiches. 

A few thoughts directly from her (and of course we would like to thank her for her contribution):

What I saw from my parents since I was a child, that however small is what you have, you can still give a little piece of that to those who are in an even worse position than you.
I support the animal rescue (I really admire their persistence) and I also involve the parents in my workplace. I feel like I can make the kidergarten children more socially sensitive by doing this.
For me it was always important to keep my eyes open and help those in need when I can. 

Would you like to join us? Get in touch and our volunteers can go to your school too to talk about our projects.
We talk about stereotypes, prejudice, homelessness and you can find out what exactly the BBM does.


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