We received 1350 applications from homeless artists this year for the MyBudapest Photo Project. Members of the jury, namely actress Kriszta Bíró, photographer, activist and teacher Gabriella Csoszó, photo artist Pál Nánási, art historian and curator Kata Oltai, along with Dávid Sándor and Ákos Szepessy, editors of Fortepan, selected from among the applications in multiple rounds. They deserve a big high five for supporting this project with their work. We asked them why they decided to participate in the project:

To make those people – that no-one has been counting on for a very long time now, who have been rejected, who do not have opportunities – to show how they see the world, to create something – for me this is a cause, an encounter.. it is a must.‘

Kriszta Bíró, Actress

I have been supporting the fight of homeless people for a home for years now, with my photos and photo courses. Homeless activists help with the courses too. This is the fourth yearI have worked with the MyBudapest Photo Project by giving advice and taking part in the jury. Why? Because we are responsible for each other. That’s all.‘

Gabriella Csoszó, photographer, activist and teacher

For me, helping those in need and the homeless is very important. The idea to combine cycling with helping is a perfect combination. I ride a bike myself and even though I am not part of the BikeMaffia, I am honoured to have been asked to participate in the MyBudapest Photo Project. Through the exhibition and by being a member of the jury, I can share some thoughts with my children about the importance of your work and solidarity, and about the helpless.‘

Sándor Dávid, Fortepan editor

The sense of achievement is important for everyone. The whole point of a challenge is that the participant draws attention to himself during and after it. It is even more important for people who do not even get attention, not to mention achieving or being successful in something. I also believe in supporting an organization that works with the homeless as I work with groups, who are socially handicapped or discriminated against, anyway. The fact that they have been criminalized puts an extreme responsibility on people who choose to support them in any way.‘

Kata Oltai, art historian, curator

I have known Zoli Havasi and through him the Bike Maffia for several years now. I always felt a great deal of respect towards their work, and at times I tried to help them too. This offer is a great honour for me, as if someone asked me to play wing with Puskás Öcsi in Real Madrid!‘

Ákos Szepessy, founding editor of Fortepan

Photos: Ezer László