Just like the 75 schoolchildren do in the attached video.

The kids are all shouting out their good traits in unison. What has happened? Budapest Bike Maffia has held a sensitizing presentation to the first, second and third year students of Lauder Javne School. We have discussed homeless people with the kids and we have also shown pictures of the people that we discussed. We have talked about how people are often judged based on their appearance, even though all of us have good qualities that are not immediately visible. Then the kids were encouraged to write down some of their own good qualities on a piece of paper, and have shouted it out happily together.

After the half-hour long activity the kids have rushed our presenters and have all wanted to become BBM volunteers themselves.

Furthermore, on this day the students of Lauder Javne School has collected 350 sandwiches, 6 kg fruit and 15 kg non-perishable food, which was distributed by BBM volunteers to Defense Charitable Association, to Golgota Congregation’s warming center and to BMSZKI’s Temporary shelter at Kálvária street.

There is only one thing for us to do after all this: to give a huge shout out to the participant kids, parents and teachers and our volunteers – thank you, all!