We had a new team building event this January!

Not just for ourselves of course. This time we have met with the team of Process Solutions. During an interactive presentation for an hour and a half we have investigated the concept of prejudice together, approaching it through the theme of homelessness.

We have also made sandwiches – with all the fixings, as is our habit – then together we have delivered them to the BMSZKI shelter at Dózsa György street.
The more than 150 servings of food came in handy, as the place serves as temporary accomodation and day and night shelter as well.

The extra piquancy of the story is that future plans have been started to brew between Process Solutions and BBM. The company would enter our + 1 sandwich program and they would involve the other workers in their office building as well. Who knows: maybe thanks to this initiative we can ensure breakfast and dinner for the people at the shelter every day?

We are hoping it is so, and we are on it.

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