Budapest Bike Mafia and Celanese Hungary Kft. have found each other in 2016, and since then there is continuous cooperation, joy and harmony. Over the past few years, this US based company has chosen BBM Team Building Programs for 10 times!

5021 sandwiches
250 servings food and dessert
603 people
2 years of cooperation

It is a real human and compassionate behavior by the employees, which is rare in today’s “business” world. We made sandwiches, cooked goulash in a cauldron, and then we put the prepared meals to boxess and brought the homeless shelters and daily support centers together. The latest team building was on 11th September in Doboz. Besides the useful work, we commemorated of the past two years. You can check the numbers above, but there is something which cannot be described and translated into numbers, please check out the pictures …

Photos by Veronika Horváth:

Team building with BBM: