There are always a lot of questions regarding what we can do if we see homeless people, and it is also very significant what we MUSTN’T do. Here is a little help, please share it so that the information can reach a lot of people.

What can you do?/How can you help?

Call the dispatcher service if you see homeless people
– without his/her belongings (blankets or covers)
– with wet cloths/belongings
– with unusual behaviour (e.g. he/she has not got up for a long time)
– who needs information (You can inform the homeless person where he/she can eat, sleep, have a bath, arrange his/her things, but you can give accurate and actual information only having it checked with the dispatcher service.)

If you would like to report an incident to the dispatcher service, please share the following information:
– accurate (!) place
– the reported person’s sex, age, name (if known), circumstances, condition
– if you talk to him/her, please ask what kind of help he/she needs

Menhely Dispatcher phone number (Budapest): 0613384186
Save it to your mobile! If you hear music for a while, do not give up, the calls are lined up, and you will next sooner or later!

The contacts of the regional dispatchers can be found here.

Do not call the dispatcher service, but the Ambulance, if the homeless person is unconscious, bleeding; you see signs of injury, accident, poisoning on him/her; in case of choke, breathing difficulty, limb paralysis, inability to walk, abnormal behaviour (unsafe to self and public); if you suspect hypothermia (he/she is probably lying in wet clothes/belongings for a long time, slowed down, weak, perhaps disturbed); in case of serious drunkenness, or being numb (you can communicate with her very tryingly or you cannot at all).

Ambulance phone number: 104
Emergency phone number: 112

What you MUSTN’T (!) do when you see homeless people and you would like to help:
– Do not put into a car, do not transport, do not move the homeless person – leave it to the experts! It can be harmful to the homeless person (for example in case of drunkenness and hypothermia he/she may collapse). It is not sure you know the institutions (the condition of the patient, the institution’s profile, actual service and the criteria of entry).
– Do not take him/her to your home! (You do not know the person and his/her behaviour – it is not a solution for this situation.)

If you would like to help actively, please follow the event here.