Budapest Bike Maffia is one of the most developing Hungarian non-profit organization. It was established on Christmas Eve 2011 by a group of young bikers. Their goal is selfless assistance to help those who are in need, in collaboration with already proven professional organizations. They put the focus on empatic behavior to make a livable world.

In assistance the most important aspect is the attention. The main target group of BBM is homeless people, poor large or small families, institutions or shelters with minimum support, but with important work in the helping field.

In addition to the assistance activities of BBM, it is important to change the way of thinking of adolescents and youngsters. And they are pleased to join their group because the aim of tours and team-building programs are also to create a common corporate thinking.

In more than one and a half years of existence, the members of the organization has delivered several tons of food, toys, or useful things essential to life on two wheels in the name of selfless help.

Budapest Bike Mafia’s lifelong aim is to achieve balance in the world – which is currently experiencing a negative effect – by humanitarian work, empatic and conscious lifestyle.

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“Common Cauldron” cooking:

Our volunteers cook regularly in Szimpla Kert in the frame of the so called “ Common Cauldron”, the visitors of the market buy the daily menu and give donations. The raised money is spent on food that we deliver by bike to the people in need.

Community cooking:

We organise individual community cookings involving different NGOs. Our volunteers cook food from the donated ingredients, the food is packed in boxes and we deliver it by bike to homeless and families in need.

Supporting shelters and other institutions:

We constantly follow the work of other organisations that are in a difficult situations but carry professionally important work and we do our best to support that. For example: we organiser regular visits by bike to Árvácska Animal Shelter, we help them by donating pet food and walking the dogs and we have raised donations and delivered them to Wesley János kindergarten.

Other actions:

We organise several individual actions reacting to actual problems or crisis situations. Their strength is that a huge number of volunteers can be mobilized to help or to raise awareness thanks to our extensive social network. One of them is “We the judging sheep” and another is our participation in the flood rescue in the spring of 2013, for example. “


Budapest Bike Maffia supports four families at the same time. Our experience showed that the amount of the received donation is the real help: we can distribute the food donations most effectively and that provides real help for the families in need. WE try to choose all the families very carefully and in a transparent way, the conditions are the following: they have to live in the inner districts of Budapest (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th) as the fund raising and delivery are in this area, they have to be in touch with the local family support office so we can get feedback about them, the office has to provide a recommendation, and the family has to accept that they appear in social networks and the cooperate with BBM. We can support four more families depending on the amount of food we get, these families are chosen based on the criteria above. We monitor the families constantly and we try to support them until their situation is stable. We are happy to provide more information about the process at the e-mail address.